What is Project AccelerUs

We are helping  young people learn how to merge what they love and are good at with what the world needs and ultimately for what they can be paid for. After solvers ,students, choose their broad challenge issue of personal interest, they work through a 6-step, cloud-based program. During this program, they are taught to Think Big and Be Bold through a proven Vision-Led Innovation method solving a problem they define that enables a future they envision.  Solvers have access to networks of subject matter experts including industry, government, and innovation professionals to use as resources. Through Project AccelerUs, solvers take it beyond the challenge and out of the classroom while developing essential mindsets, skillsets, and toolkits for lifelong success.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Project AccelerUs fit in my district?

Simply put, however you want it to! Though districts are not limited to these ideas, we’ve seen three key approaches to implementation: as a standalone elective class, as supplemental material in an existing class/summer program, as an after- or before-school club.

Is Project AccelerUs going to be a lot of extra work for my teachers?

No. Project AccelerUs is designed to be very student led. Hypothetically, a student could work through the learning material completely on their own. A teacher acts as a facilitator, guiding students through the challenge cycle and keeping them on track.

What if I, as a facilitator, get stuck or confused with my students during the Project AccelerUs challenge cycle?

The Project AccelerUs team is committed to sticking with you throughout your duration completing Project AccelerUs. We won’t get you started then cut off communication—instead, you can always email us with any questions or concerns you may have, or take advantage of the Knowledge Café, Project AccelerUs’ collaboration space.

Is it actually no cost?

Yes. Project AccelerUs has full, multi-year funding. We are committed to keeping Project AccelerUs no-cost to schools whether you start today, or continue implementing Project AccelerUs for years down the road.

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